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SWPlan™- Solid Waste Management Planning Software for Windows™   

SWPlan™- Solid Waste Management Planning Software for Windows™

Recycling Insights™ is proud to announce SWPlan™ , Solid Waste Management Planning software for Microsoft® Windows™.  SWPlan™ is designed and programmed by solid waste/recycling and software development professionals.

Education Discount is 25% on SWPlan™

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SWPlan™ Capabilities

  • Design an integrated solid waste management system
  • Evaluate an existing solid waste management system
  • Simulate a variety of management scenarios of your own design
  • Compare different waste generation areas
  • Determine waste generation amounts from a single building to an entire country
  • Determine the best integrated solid waste management system of technology, efficiency, costs and performance
  • Ascertain if there are business opportunities to expand and/or improve efficiencies

View Different Scenarios and Data Files at the same time on multiple Windows™ screens. Only your imagination will limit your ability to manipulate and evaluate the capabilities of SWPlan™


SWPlan™ is your key to better understanding!

SWPlan™ Methodology

SWPlan™ uses a straight-forward methodolgy to organize, define, design and present solid waste management information. The following is a breif listing of some of the considerations.

  • Define Job, Population, Employment and Density
  • Determine Waste Composition and Amounts
  • Define Collection Types and Costs, Waste Sources
  • Define Waste Management Approaches and Associated Variables/Considerations
  • Define Transportation Distances
  • Identify Revenues and Costs
  • Present results in easy to read and to evaluate reports

SWPlan™ keeps track of all transportation costs no matter how complex the integrated solid waste management. Default values are provided to ensure that Users with limited available data can complete the task of designing their own management system with reasonable and appropriate assumptions that reflect the current industry standards and known real-world impacts and costs. In order to accomplish this, SWPlan™ employs Recycling Insights™ proprietary algorithms in determining facility cost in relationship to capacity throughput and nationally recognized figures based on real-world weighted averages. In most cases, the User can override default values with their own information.

All this is accomplished with easy to understand interactive dialog boxes. With every change you make, the reports change instantly as well, because of the performance of the Recycling Insights™ proprietary graphics. You can see the impacts right away! And with multiple data files and report Windows™ you can compare the results as you construct waste management scenarios or compare waste generation areas.

Many governments, consultants, academic institutions and waste hauling/recycling firms are using SWPlan™


SWPlan™ Features

  • Simple Installation
  • Mouse and/or Keyboard Control
  • Pull-Down Menus
  • Interactive Dialog Boxes
  • Toolbar Bottons Launch Calculator, New/Open/Save Files, Print, Print Preview, Context Help and Help
  • Status Bar States Brief Menu Description Of What You Are Doing And Num/Cap/Scroll Status
  • Resizeable Windows and Cascade/Title Windows
  • Choose Fonts, Styles & Sizes for Title, Heading and Body of Reports
  • Print Preview, Zoom In/Out, Preview One or Two Pages at a Time
  • Context Sensitive Help and Help
  • Multiple Report Screens and Data Files Open at the Same Time
  • Default Values are Provided for Many Parameters or the User Can Use Their Own

SWPlan™ Context Senitive Help and Help

In Help, you have the entire User's Documentation, a comprehensive glossary and more! You can search and get information on SWPlan™, Solid Waste Management Pracitices and Windows™ by selecting a pre-defined topic or by simply typing in your own topic inquiry. You can even add your own annotations to the Help. There are example files and on-screen tutorials for each dialog box (input screen) which describes what type of information is needed.Comprehensive Help is only one mouse click away no matter where you are in SWPlan™.


SWPlan™ Variables

The following are listings variables organized by categories of Waste Management Approaches/Methods, Recyclables/Commodities, Transportation and Colletion, Costs and Revenue Sources.

Waste Management Approaches/Methods

  • Source / Waste Reduction
  • Recyclables / Material Processing (MRF)
  • Yard Waste Composting
  • Waste-to-Energy (WTE) Incineration and Ash Disposal
  • Refuse-Derive Fuel (RDF)
  • Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) Composting
  • Landfills
  • with/without Transfer Stations

Recyclables / Commodities

  • Newspaper/Newsprint (ONP)
  • Corrugated Cardboard (OCC)
  • Office Paper
  • Phone Books
  • Magazines
  • Mixed Paper
  • Aluminum Cans
  • Misc. Aluminum
  • Bi-Metal (Tin) Cans
  • Ferrous
  • Non-Ferrous
  • Glass Containers
  • Plastic Film
  • Plastic Containers
  • Yard Waste
  • Food Waste
  • Wood
  • Textiles
  • Rubber

Transportation and Collection

  • Direct Haul
  • Transfer Station
  • Residential Colleciton
  • Open Residential Collection
  • Municipal Residential Collection
  • Municipal Contracted Residential Collection
  • Zoned Residential Collection
  • Commercial Collection
  • Recyclables Collection
  • Residential Curbside Collection
  • Commercial On-Site Collection
  • Drop-off Recycling Centers


  • Collection Costs
  • Transportation Costs
  • Operating Costs
  • Total Facility Costs
  • Debt Service
  • Gross Costs
  • Net Costs

Revenue Sources

  • Tipping Fees
  • RDF Sales
  • Steam Sales
  • Electricity Sales
  • MSW Compost Sales
  • Yard Waste Compost Sales
  • Recyclables/Commodities Sales
  • Other Fees

SWPlan™ generates five reports consisting of:
  • 18 tables
  • 5 sub-reports
  • 8 pie charts
  • 50 bar charts

Reports can be generated in just a few minutes.

User's Documentation with Example Files and On-Screen Tutorials of Each Dialog Box (Input Screen) will guide you from initial input to finished reports.


SWPlan™ is truly the easiest and most useful
solid waste management planning tool available!

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Key Benefits

  • Easy to Use - Fast Learning Curve
  • Flexible with many possible uses and applications
  • Fantastic Help (both education and instructional)
  • Great Reports


Description Price
SWPlan Single License $475
Multi-License See Pricing Schedule


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