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As you know there have been a number of Windows changes over the years that have affected the operational ability of various programs, including Microsoft’s own software.  The progression has evolved from 8 to 16 to 32 and now 64 bit systems.  SWPlan has weathered most of these changes well. 

Under the Xp Windows, SWPlan works fine with a separate shortcut to Help.  Now, with Windows 7 (professional or ultimate), one needs to have a processor which supports Hardware-Assisted Virtualization and operate SWPlan under Xp mode.   

As far as the equations used and the conversion methods, most are simply tracking the volumes and their associated costs through the complex waste management options from waste composition to final deposition.  If one is using the program’s defaults, the costs and projections are based on proprietary algorithms and which are based on many actual facilities and economy of scale variables.  However, SWPlan used as a tool for scenario comparison, using ones own current and/or actual figures is more desirable. Remember, SWPlan is intended as a planning tool to identify cost effective options and opportunities.

 I hope this helps….     

 Mark Banwart, Principal

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