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US Dollars

Basic system


Buy and sell any product for cash

or cheque, daily statistics, daily

cash-up, stock, monthly statistics,

daily register of second-hand goods.



Sell on account, audit trail, age

analysis, post payments, control

account, print debtors statements,

m/e & y/e functions.



Purchase on account, audit trail,

control account, comprehensive

payments, print cheques, set min.

cheque value, print remittance

advices, pay outstandings by cash,

calculate coinage, print cash slips.

Bucket sub-system


Caters for 20 different types of

bucket (or skip), tracks same, with

recyclable material (payable), or

rubble (chargeable), containers may

be charged for on a collect'n basis

and/or a monthly rental.

Integrated data capture


Caters for direct deliveries, ie.

from an Agent to a Foundry, has all

the functions of 1. 2. and 3 above

except does not update stock.

Batch transaction data capture


Usefull for storing rail shipments,

etc. for later maintenance of mass,

and/or product and/or price. Has

all functions of 1. 2. and 3. Gives

reports of outstanding shipments.

Scale interface & Gate file maint.


Stores gross mass of each vehicle,

calculates the net mass, prints

tickets, caters for multiple loads

ie. drums of different material on

the same vehicle, netting mass of

bins, printing a summary.

Rep's, commission & reports


Category system maintenance


Outstandings by category

Outstanding summary by category

Buyer by category report

Seller by category report

Debtors history report

Creditors history report

History housekeeping


Validate del. notes & report


Creditors del/note description


Debtors del/note description


Reverse video


Set exclusive off/on


Cash book with P.& L/Budgets report







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