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PoSPoP: Point of Sale - Point of Purchase

PoSPoP: Point of Sale -
Point of Purchase Recycling System

The Scrap Metal and Recycling Industries are unique undertakings, requiring tailor-made software. Our suite of application programs have been developed to cater for the Industry’s specific needs and yet to include all of the controls and functions of a general accounting package, up to and including the Cash Book.
PoSPoP Platinum

Live Data Capture System consists of complete modules for Purchasing, Selling, Debtors, Creditors, Stock, Prices, Management & Statistical Reports, mailing label facility plus batch processing for the entire foregoing.

PoSPoP Platinum is a fully multi-user software suite that operates under a variety of LAN systems with the extra functionality of more statistical reports (e.g. purchases/sales by category of seller/buyer by product). A unique search and grab function allows the user to display any debtors, creditors or product account code or name/description. Sequence and completeness of delivery notes are controlled.

PoSPoP Platinum provides an accounting capability for containers, drums or bags taken by creditors either on free-loan or on deposit basis. The suite is able to flexibly change the prices at time of data capture and these will be reflected on a subsequent report. Multiple users are separately cashed up at the end of each user’s shift.


Additional options to the PoSPoP Platinum:

  1. An stratight-forward cash book system or a sophisticated cash book module providing Profit & Loss/Budgets/Variances Reports.
  2. Manual scale interface.
  3. Waste bin/skip tracking and accounting module.
  4. A Profit & Loss/General Ledger system is being developed.


ACCESS: Access is controlled by a site specific multi-level combination of User-code and Password, permitting or restricting each operators access to each function.

INPUT - Master Files: Firstly one sets up the buyers (Debtors), sellers (Creditors) and Product master files. The system holds the latest five prices of each product (eg, metal) for each buyer and the latest five prices for each product for each seller. It caters for any regular or casual seller and for any regular or casual buyer of any product.

INPUT - Data: There is a LIVE on-line, real-time data capture capability which updates all files immediately and a BATCH processing data capture capability which stores purchases and sales for later maintenance of either product code, mass and/or price, before updating. Both have all the following processes and functions.

A purchase (P) or a sale (S) can be input which both update all appropriate files, or integrated (I), transfer or delivery of stock which requests a Creditor and a Debtor. This caters for direct deliveries by an Agent. The later type of transaction updates all appropriate files except the Stock record.

From the one screen one can input purchase or sale details for cash, cheque or account. In the case of an entry on account the transaction is taken to the Debtor or Creditors Account. In the case of an entry for cash or cheque both the debit and the payment are posted to the Debtors or Creditors Account.

Upon inputting a product code the last price of that product for the respective customer is retrieved. This price can be over-ruled for this one transaction only or stored.

The system adds Tax for sales, and allows for zero rating. The system adds Tax for all purchases from registered vendors. The system calculates and stores (but does not add) Tax to purchases from non-registered vendors, and allows for zero rating.

A non-stock code in the range 9001–9999 is allowed in order to add any quantity of free format lines to any document. This permits the entry of additional charges (for instance transport, etc), or for any number of comment lines (ie, delivery details) in respect of each transaction detail line.


OUTPUT - Prime documents: The correct document is printed, ie, Purchase Note, Credit Return, Tax Invoice, Credit Note, Cash Goods Received, Cash Purchase Note. Single or multi-part, pre-printed or plain stationery can be utilised.


OUTPUT - Daily reports: At the end of the day a Register of Second-hand Goods is produced for each operators user code, showing full details of every transaction which took place that day, and whether the transaction was entered as a cheque, cash or account, including the time that the transaction took place. Also produced is a Daily Product Summary, showing the totals of all products bought and sold that day with average cost and average realised prices, and a Daily Cash-up reconciling the total of the day’s purchases and the total of the day’s sales analysed over cash, cheque and account transactions.


CONTROL: The Debtors module provides for, posting of payments, printing a Detailed Audit Trail, printing a Control Account, printing Age Analysis (Current, 30, 60, 90 & 120 days), printing Statements, a month-end procedure and a year-end procedure.

The Creditors module provides for, printing a Detailed Audit Trail, printing a Control Account, printing Age analysis (Current, 30, 60, 90 & 120 days), payment of Automatic Cheque or Cash Creditors, and the payment of selected Cheque or Cash Creditors, which can be all items, or only selected items. It also allows for the printing of cheque lists, cash lists, cheques, cash requirements and Remittance Advice’s. In addition, Month-end procedures, and Year-end procedures are included.

TAX: The current Tax reconciliation account can be printed at any time to show; any Tax liability brought forward from any previous Tax period. The Sales for this period where Tax was charged, and the Sales for this period where the transactions were zero rated. The Purchases from registered vendors with the Tax actually paid out, the Purchases from non-registered vendors with the calculated or deemed Tax where no Tax has in fact been paid, and the Purchases for this period where the transactions were zero rated. Also shown is the Tax on other purchases, ie, tyres, stationery etc, and payments to or receipts from the Receiver of Revenue, thus giving the total Tax liability (or credit) at any time.



MASTER FILE OUTPUT: Debtors (Buyers) Master file list, Creditors (Sellers) Master File list, Product Master list, price list per Product by Buyer, price list per Product by Seller.

STATISTICAL REPORTS: The following six reports show mass/value this month-to-date and mass/value this year-to-date:

  1. Purchases by Product.
  2. Purchases by Seller by Product.
  3. Purchases by Category of Seller by Product.
  4. Sales by Product.
  5. Sales by Buyer by Product.
  6. Sales by Category of Buyer by Product.

HISTORY REPORTS: A report can be printed of Purchase transactions for any period of time, (ie, from any date to any subsequent date), for any particular Creditor, analysed by product with sub-totals. This shows Invoice number, Delivery note number, date, mass, price, unit value and Tax. An identical report is available for Sales.

STOCK: A stock report is available of stock-on-hand showing mass, value, average cost and positive and negative adjustments. Stock adjustments are permitted. Stock can be given a unique sort code. Statistical reports can be optionally printed in sort code order, then in which case sub-totals are given upon the change of the first two digits of the sort code.



UTILITIES & GENERAL: All input is validated at time of entry thus eliminating data capture errors of commission. One can View direct on the screen any transaction for any Buyer or Seller at any time. Company name and address can be changed by the user. The Tax percentage can be changed by the user.

CASH BOOK: Allows for any number of Bank Accounts and/or Petty cash accounts. Allows for any number of Expenditure and Income Analysis codes. Provides a printed Cash Book for each Bank Account. Provides a printed Petty Cash Account. Prints Income and Expenditure Analysis. Allows for an automatic Bank Reconciliation. Provides for a month-end process. Prints a profit or loss statement with budgets for each line item and variances for both this month and this year-to-date.


The program is both a real-time and/or batch processing system to perform data-capture of purchases, sales and agents transactions in a multi-user environment in respect of both casual and regular clients. In addition office control and management statistical requirements are fully catered for.
The programs also cater for data-capture at the weighbridge including buckets/skips.
It operates in either a DOS or Windows environment.
In conclusion it is a Point-of-Sale/Point-of-Purchase application program for the recycling industry.

(Windows is a registered trademark of Microsoft Corporation)

Key Benefits

  • Fully Multi-user throughout
  • In colour throughout
  • Government VAT compliant
  • Year 2K compliant


Go to pricing information and detailed descriptions of PoSPoP models.

Description Price
Basic Program (Dos) $614
PoSPoP Platinum (Dos w/ all Modules) $2614

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