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General Environmental Resources

A Guide to Environmental Resources on the Internet | Environmental Resources on the Internet | Environmental Professional's Guide to the Internet | Ecoforo: Resources for Spanish Environmental Professionals | Amazing Environmental Organization WebDirectory | Environemntal Resources Jump Point | Environmental Index to the WWW | EPA Region X Solid Waste Bookmarks | Yahoo - Recycling | Jay Stimmel's Recycling List | Evergreen Industries Links Page | The World-Wide Web Virtual Library- Environment | World Resource Foundation Links PageEnvironmental Resource Center includes e-zine Beyond Compliance | Envirolink Network | Endangered Species | Wildlife Ecology | Biodiversity and Ecosystem Information | Environmental Defense Fund | Great Lakes Information Network or GLIN | Great Lakes Regional Environment Information SystemEcoNet - Environmental Issues Resource Center | The World-Wide-Web Virtual Library: Environment | Green Pages - The Global Directory for Environmental Technology | NOAA Great Lakes Environmental Research Laboratory | Environmental Damage Valuation & Cost Benefit News National Environmental Satellite Data and Information Service | Earth Channel Communications | National Institute for Environmental Renewal (NIER) | OneWorld Online Home Page | CarlWeb SearchEnviroTextEnergy & Environmental Research Center - North Dakota | CCE - CCA - CEC |Global Network of Environment & Technology (GNET) Home Page | Internet Directory of Industrial Clean Production & Environmental Management | UNEP International Environmental Technology Centre | National Library for the Environment from CNIE | ENVIROFACTS | ECOLOGIA ENVIRO-NET Environmental Sciences Division (ESD) at Oak Ridge Nat'l. Lab. | Argonne National Laboratory at University of Chicago, IL | WMTADS Los Alamos Nat'l. Lab | G7 Environment and Natural Resources Prototype (G7 ENRM)  | The Guardian | Enviro-Access | Earthday | Deep Ecology | DG XI - Environment- Nuclear Safety and Civil Protection | MIDDLE EASTERN ENVIRONMENTAL LAW | | UN Division for Sustainable Development | Environmental Stuff |Earth Systems | Virtual Shopping Center for the Environment|Environmental Treaties and Resource Indicators Service | Know Your Environment Homepage | ATSDR (Agency for Toxic Substances & Disease Registry | Environmental Working Group | The Junk Science Home Page | Toxic Alert Pages | Toxic Deception | WWF - Climate Change Campaign | Test Method Index |

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Environmental Institutes/Organizations/Associations/Societies

Association of Energy Engineers | Environmental Industry Associations | Association of Facilities Engineering (AFE) |Consortium on Green Design and Manufacturing | Institute for Design, Mechanics and Environment | Environmentally Conscious Design and Manufacturing | Keep American Beautiful, Inc. | GreenLife Society - North American Chapter | Friends of the Earth | Earthwatch International | Ecological Society of America | Air and Waste Management Association | The National Association of Environmental Professional | Union of Concerned Scientists | Biomass Energy Alliance | American Society for Testing and Materials | Government Institutes | Environmental Law Institute Online | Global Environmental Institute (GEI) | American Public Works Association |Tellus Institute | Newspaper Association of America (NAA) | American Society of Civil Engineers | Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. | Institute of Transportation Engineers | National Association of Counties | National Society of Professional Engineers | Remanufacturing Industries Council | Alliance of Foam Packaging Recyclers | Institute of Waste-Management | Citizen League for Env. Action & Recovery | CNIE -- Committee for the National Institute for the Environment | The League of Women Voters - Natural Resources | Cornell Waste Management Institute | Center for Sustainable Communities | Rocky Mountian Institute | Institute for Local Self-Reliance | Center for Excellence for Sustainable Development | International Organization on Standardization (ISO) | Container Recyclng Institute |National Institute for Environmental Renewal (NIER) | |

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Industry News Services

The Earth Times | Reusable News Newsletters | E Magazine | Florida enviroworld - Daily Environmental Industry News  | Zephyr - Western Pennsylvania Newsletter | Energy and Environmental News | The Waste Management Magazine ( | Environmental News Network | The Green Disk: A Journal of Contemporary Environmental Issues | Electronic Green Journal (University of Idaho Library) | Congressional Research Service Reports | New Civil Engineer news | PRISM World Resource Foundation: (Home of Warmer Bulletin) | CONSEQUENCES | ACS Publications - Essential Resources for the Chemical Sciences | Rachel's Environmental & Health Weekly | Pollution Online | Water Online | Public Works Online | Solid Waste Online | Waste News | Real Estate Forum On-line | Waste Age Publications |MSW Management | EnviroNet Center| Environews |World WastesRecycling Products News | Pollution Equipment News |Pollution Engineering On-line |Environmental Careers World | Environmental Careers Bulletin | Plastics News | Jobs Through Recycling | Environmental Science & Technology | Environmental Building News | The Earth Communications Office | The Environmental Times | EarthWINS Daily | IGC: EcoNet | Linkages by the International Institute for Sustainable Development | Environmental Newsletter | | |

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Educational Resources 

Seek - Sharing Environmental Education Knowledge | Earth System Science Education | UCI-Science Education Programs | ILTWeb K-12 Resources | Earthquakes | Genome | The NSP Grants Database | Virtual Frog Dissection Kit | Virtual Museums |Projects Galore! | Tons of Teacher Topics | JASON Project | Australia Online | U.S. Department of Education | Educational Technology | Eisenhower Center for mathematics and science education (The information source for K-12 math and science teachers) | Educom (one of the best collections of educational resources on the web) | SyllabusWeb | EE - Link Environmental Education | Environmental Impact Calculator | Science and the Environment - A Learning Tool |Earth Day Volunteer Opportunities | Environmental Education - EPA Kids | EHMI - produces environmentalal eductional materials for all ages.  They are not-for-profit corporation; a sole source provider, non-partisan; peer-reviewed and well researched information. |

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Solid Waste Management Resources 

Office of Solid Waste (RCRA) | Non-Hazardous Waste - RCRA Subtitle D | Yale Working Papers on Solid Waste Policy | Internet Resources- Waste Incineration | L'incinérateur d'Achęne re: msw thermolysis vs. incineration | Alliance for Environmental TechnologySolid Waste Association of North America | Bonzo's Place | Australian Waste Database | Environmental Industry Associations & Waste Age Publication | American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy | Solid Waste and Recycling Bookmarks from EPA | The Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response | HW Characterization Scoping Study | Solid Waste Management | U.S. EPA Office of Solid Waste | EPA Garbage | Pay as You Throw | EPA - Municipal Solid Waste | Waste Management in Indian Country |

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Recycling Resources 

The Consumer Recycling Resources Guide | Recycling Factoids | Recycle CityRecycler's World (US) | Recycling World (UK) | European Recycling and the Environment | Bureau of International Recycling(BIR) | Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries, Inc. (ISRI) | Global Recycling Network | United States Environmental Recycling Hotline "Earth 911"Recycler's Info | America Recycles Day | Recycling-Waste Management During Construction | Recycle Music for the Environment  | Recycling at Work (a project of the US Conf. of Mayors) | Recyclers Info | Recycle Forum |

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Recycling Organizations







Delaware NREC

Florida | Florida Recycling and Reuse Business Assistance Center | Recycle Florida Today |




Illinois | Chicago Recycling Coalition |

Indiana | Hoosier Environmental Council | Indiana Recycling Coalition | Recycle IN me |

Iowa | North Central IA Regional Solid Waste Agency | Recycle Iowa |





Maryland | Maryland Recyclers Coalition (MRC) | Recycling in Allegheny County |

Massachusetts | WasteCap of Massachusetts


Minnesota | MPCA | North Star - Minnesota Government



Montana |Montana Pollution Prevention Program

Nebraska | Nebraska State Recycling Association |


New Hampshire

New Jersey | New Jersey Association of Household Hazardous Waste Coordinators | Passaic County Office of Recycling & Solid Waste |

New Mexico

New York | Harlem Environmental Impact Project, Inc. |

North Carolina | North Carolina Recycling Association | North Carolina Recycling Association |

North Dakota

Ohio | Recycle Ohio! | Cuyahoga Co. (OH) Solid Waste District |


Oregon | Association of Oregon Recyclers |

Pennsylvania | Lancaster Cty. SWM Authority | Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (HHW) | Pennsylvania Resources Council |Allegheny Mountain Section A&WMA |

Rhode Island

South Carolina

South Dakota

Tennessee | Environmental Permits Handbook Index Of Regulations |

Texas | Recycling Council of Texas | Beaumont Recycles |


Vermont | Association of Vermont Recyclers |

Virginia | Montgomery County |

Washington | Spokane Regional Solid Waste System | King Co. (WA) Commission for Recyclable Materials | Washington Refuse and Recycling Association | Solid Waste & Financial Assistance Program, Washington State Dept. of Ecolgoy | Seattle Public Utilities (Solid Waste/Recycling Planning) |

West Virginia

Wisconsin | Waste Reduction and Recycling Demonstration Grant program |

Wyoming | Wyoming Recycling Association |

Caribbean Recycling Foundation | Northeast Recycling Council | Association of Municipal Recycling Coordinators | Index to Local Recycling Organizations

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Source/Waste Reduction 

Source Reduction & Reuse (The Cygnus Group) | Packaging Efficiency Study | Pacific Northwest Pollution Prevention Research Center | EPA Reusable News Bulletin | National Pollution Prevention Center for Higher Education | Enviro$ense  | National Waste Prevention Coalition | WasteWi$e | INFORM | ReThink Paper | DOE Pollution Prevention Clearinghouse (EPIC) | National Pollution Prevention Roundtable | Waste Prevention Association  | Conservatree | Buy Nothing Day | 1997 King County Recycled Product Procurement Report | Green Dot Program | Resourceful Purchacing | Green Seal | Environmental Packaging | Extended Product Responsibility (EPR) |

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Recyclables Exchanges/Markets 

National Materials Exchange Network | London Metal Exchange (LME) | Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) Recyclables Exchange | California Materials Exchange (CalMax) | The Recycler's Exchange |Minnesota Material Exchange | EnviroShare Materials Exchange | Indiana Materials Exchange |  Southeast Minnesota Recycler's Exchange (SEMREX) | SonoMax (Sonoma County, CA - USA) | Reusable Building Materials Exchange (Thurston, Mason and Pierce Counties, WA, USA) | SEFEX -Secondary Fibers ExchangeSouthern Waste Information ExchangeTennessee Materials Exchange (TME) | Money Lynx Services | Materials Exchange on the Web | Waste Management Commodities Exchange | Hawaii Materials Exchange (HIMEX) | Free Market (St. Paul, Minnesota Residential Exchange Service) | | | | Baltimore's Reusable Exchange | New and Used Heavy and Construction Machinery market place | Recycle In Maine | EU WasteMarket |

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Recyclables - Paper 

Paper World | Corrugated Container Page | Paper and Pulp.Net | Forest Products Page | WWW Virtual Library: Forestry  | Office Paper Efficiency Information Resources | Paper Trail, Inc. | L&J Wastepaper | TreeCycle Recycled Paper | Recycled Paper Coalition | Paper Federation. of Great Britain | Newspaper Association of America (NAA) |

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Recyclables - Glass 

Glass Packaging Institute | Glass Works (Canadian) | British Glass  

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Recyclables - Plastics 

Plastics Resource (American Plastics Council - APC)  | National Association of Plastic Container Recovery | Plastic Bag Association | Polystyrene Packaging Council | Polystyrene and the Environment | Pastic Scrap Market | Phoenix Plastic Scrap Trader | How to Compost |

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Recyclables - Metal 

American Iron and Steel Institute | EuroNet | Steel Recycling Institute | Copper Page | American Zinc Association | International Zinc Association - "Pocket Guide to World Zinc" | London Metal Exchange (LME) | The Aluminum Association | Reynolds Metal  | Jefferson Smurfit | K.E.S. METALS - AUSTRALIA | Metals Reclaimation Services | Philip Services | Can Central Home Page | Precious Metal Recyclers, Inc. | | Titanium Metal Supply | Western Titanium |

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Recyclables - Organics 

Ask Earl: The Yard-Care Answer Guy | Compost -- Wealth from Waste | Worm World | GardenNet  | Humusphere | Pacorganics | Composting News |Cornell Composting | The World of Composting Toilets | GREENcomposting | A Citizen's Guide to Food RecoveryWorm Digest  | NaturTech | Sustainable Farming Connection | | Backyard Magic |

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Recyclables - Other 

International Tire and Rubber Association (ITRA) | National Oil Recyclers Association | DuPont Partnership for Carpet Reclamation | BASF "6ix Again" (fiber) | Allied Signal Nylon 6 (fiber) | Clean Washington Center (foundry sand reclamation) | Electronic Recycling Ltd. Electronic Recycling and Re-marketing of Excess & Obsolete Computer Systems & Components  | EB Textiles Recyclers since 1839 | Battery Solutions, Inc. | Rechargeable Battery Recycling Corporation | Construction and Demolition Debris Recycling Program | Tropical Media (recyclers of video cassettes) |Retec (halons and refrigerants) | witnessing, recycling and refining of precious metal from scrape electronic computer parts |
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Demographic Resources 

1990 US Census LOOKUP | Current Population Survey (U.S.) | United Nations Population Network (POPIN) | UN World Population Estimates and Projections | CIESIN/SEDAC - Access to U.S. Demographic Data | CIESIN/SEDAC - Integrated Population, Land Use, and Emissions Data Project | Socioeconomic Data and Applications Center's (SEDAC) | Population Reference Bureau | Bureau of Labor Statistics | American Demographics/Marketing Tools  

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U.S. Governmental Resources

U.S. Postal Service | Digital Planet - IRS | Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs) | Code of Federal Regulations (CFRs) | Connect to Databases Online via GPO Access | U.S. Federal Government | FedWorld | DOE Office of Science and Technology | National Technical Information Service (NTIS) | U.S. Environmental Protection Agency | Gopher directory at | U.S. Library of Congress | U.S. Patent Database | U.S. Geological Survey - National Mapping Information(EROS Data Center) | United States Geological Survey | National Climate Data Center | NASA Shuttle Earth Observation Images Database | Dept. of Transporation | DoD Environmental Restoration-Small Business Link | The FEDERAL REGISTER(FR) Environmental Subset | The USDOL OSHA Home Page | Access EPA |

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Other Governmental Resources 

Web of Government of Brazil | European Environmental Agency | Environment Agency of England and Wales | CEDAR- Central European Environmental Data Request Facility | Institut fur Recycling Germany | Australian Environment On-line |Denmark Ministry of Environment & Energy | BADAN PENGENDALIAN DAMPAK LINGKUNGAN (B A P E D A L) Indonesia | Xinjiang Environmental Protection China | Trinidad and Tobago Solid Waste Management Company Ltd. | Public Waste Agency of Flanders (Belgium)  | Mexican Federal Government Environmental Agency | China Dimensions | African National Congress Home Page  |

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Canadian Resources 

Champlain Canadian Information Explorer | Canadian Environmental Assessment Agency | Ontario - Open for Business | Natural Resources Canada | Environment Canada - The Green Lane Home Canadian Env. Ind. Assoc.(CEIA) | RCO Online - The Recycling Council of Ontario | British Columbia Ministry of Environment, Lands & Park | Canadian Chlorine Coordinating Committee  | OCETA - Ontario Centre for Environmental Technology Advancement | Ontario Waste Management Association | Recycling Council of British Columbia | Resource Conservation Manitoba | Saskatchewan Waste Reduction Council | Environmental Industry Virtual Office | Green Building Information Council (GBIC) |

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Commercial Resources 

Dakota Consulting Group (Home of the Daily Regulatory Reporter) | Osborne Enterprises, Inc. | Envirobiz International Environmental Information Network | Markovits & Fox Metal Recycling |TECOR Online electronically delivers tomorrow's official Commerce Business Daily (CBD) contract and award notices to you the day before they are published in the CBD to give you a jump on your competition. Our online specialists help you customize your search for your business. | Resource Concepts, Inc. | PCW100, Inc.  | Associated Environmental Scientists| WMX Technologies| United Waste Systems | Browning Ferris Industries | Gossman Consulting, Inc. (GCI) - they have extensive resource library | Diamond Z Manufacturing | Trex -  wood-polymer materails | Galbreath Inc. | Mayfran International | Marathon Equipment | Eco Waste Solutions Inc. - Incineration for the 90's  | Wastech Equipment | E. Butterworth & Co. | BOSS International | MASS Corporation | Haulaway | BulkLoad| Maclift |Conigliaro (Free online quote and waste audit) | Gateway Enterprises - New Zealand | | | CMAT- Recycling, Env. Mgmt. and Eco-Ind. Services |Mil-tek Environmental Service America, Inc. |

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Academic Resource

Environmental Studies Program at the University of Kansas | University of Colorado | U of WI - Solid Waste Recycling | University of Wisconsin | Environmental Technology Center in Tampa FL | Cornell Center for the Environment | Brown University "Brown is Green" program | Xavier University of LA - Ctr. for Environmental Programs | Faculty of the Built Environment, University of the West of England, Bristol, UK | Highland College, Great Britain | University of Wales, Cardiff | University of Edinburgh, Scotland Environmental Agenda | Escola Federal de Engenharia de Itajubá | American Universities | College and University Recycling Council (CURC)  | Environment at Harvard |

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News Resource

AP Wire Service | Newspage | The New York Times | The Reporters Network | Society of Environmental Journalists | The Washington Post | Newspaper Association of America | American Journalism Review | The Times of London  | Magazine Publishers of America |

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Other Resources 

Current Weather Maps/Movies | Online Map Creator | MapCruzin  | Groundwater Remediation Technologies Analysis Center (GWRTAC) | | GolfWeb | SnoWeb | Northland Initiatives, Inc. | TechniSoft Corporation | Scientific Software Group | Envirowin | web-counter | NetMind | EarthCam - We Never Close | Hypertext Webster Interface | Research It | | Global Information Locator | InforBeat "free e-mail" | Juno "free e-mail) | Hotmail "free e-mail" |

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