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Recycling Insights™  Press Release Update

NEW PoSPoP Recycling Version Available, Products are Y2K Compliant, Renews Marketing and Reseller Agreements, Improves Recycling Insights™ Web Services, and Registers 100,000 Web Site Visits

December 3, 1998 - Shakopee, Minnesota -- Recycling Insights™ announces PoSPoP (Point of Sale, Point of Purchase Recycling System) is now available in a basic Dos version with enhanced features for recycling organizations.  The new enhancements include fully multi-user throughtout and color screens throughtout.  The program is Y2K and Government Value Added Tax (VAT) compliant.  This bacic program is   ONLY $614.00.  Now every recycling organization and recylcer can afford to have PoSPoP.  For those who have the need for more modules (i.e. tracking, etc.) contact Recycling Insights™ at their phone/fax: 612.445.6992.

Recycling Insights™ announces that all of its product line is Y2K compliant.

In addition to being an environmental software developer, is also a reseller of environmental software programs specific to the recycling and waste industry.  The software titles include BRCM (Business Recycling Cost Model), WasteSort™, PoSPoP (Point of Sale, Point of Purchase Scrap and Recycling System), Incineration Systems Handbook w/ software, and Medical Waste Disposal text w/ software.  More titles will be available soon.

Recycling Insights™ encourages software developers and vendors to contact us about possible inclusion of their product(s) in the Recycling Insights™ product lineup. Contact us at our phone/fax: 612.445.6992 or email us at our Administration Office.

Recycling Insights™ has recently renewed its Marketing / Distribution Agreements with Environmental Research Associates, Inc. (Havertown, PA USA), EnviroSoft™: Environmental & Related Software Distribution Centre (Betty's Bay, SOUTH AFRICA) and Chris Kwan Associates (Sandakan, MALAYSIA). Under the Marketing Agreements the firms will provide distribution, value-added services and training for Recycling Insights™ products.

Recycling Insights™ is currently renewing its Reseller Agreements with Green Solutions, ICI, B.A.C.C., and Recycling Worlds.

Once again, Recycling Insights™ improves Web Services with a new look, more navigational aids, and new features.  New features include NEWS PAGE where visitors and news providers can submit and view non-commercial News Stories.  The Index WWW Links has also be expanded to being one of the most comprehensive environmental indexes available.

In other news, the Recycling Insights™ web site, "" has registered 100,000 site visits since March, 1998 through the month of November, 1998.

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