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Big Changes @Recycling Insights™

Recycling Insights™  Becomes Reseller.

New Web Site Debut: New Products, New Customer Support, New Discussion Groups, and Resources.

SWPlan™ version 2.12 Released.

May 5, 1998 - Shakopee, Minnesota -- Recycling Insights™ becomes reseller. Recycling Insights™, in addition to being an environmental software developer, is now a reseller of environmental software programs specific to the recycling and waste industry.  The software titles include BRCM (Business Recycling Cost Model), WasteSort™, PoSPoP (Point of Sale, Point of Purchase Scrap and Recycling System), Incineration Systems Handbook w/ software, and Medical Waste Disposal text w/ software.  More titles will be available soon.

Recycling Insights™ debuts new web site.  The site format and content have been changed to provide better navigation and functionality.  There are now several more discussion groups (Product, Waste, Recycling Insights Discussion, Customer Support), a major Customer Support area, an enlarged and updated Resources area and the expanded products listing.  Check it out at .

Recycling Insights™ announces the release of SWPlan™ version 2.12: Solid Waste Management Planning Software for Windows.  Version 2.12 now offers more function and clarity in its reports.  Upgrading to SWPlan 2.12 for existing users is only a mere $29.00 USD.  This low price is our commitment of our customers to provide on-going support for Recycling Insights™ products at a reason cost.   Full version of SWPlan™, the Industry Standard, is only $475.00 USD. Order Now at our on-line SHOP.  As always, Recycling Insights™ continues to provide a 30 day money-back guarantee on all of its products either developed internally or from its reseller vendors.

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