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Recycling Insights™ Starts Discussion Group / Forum devoted to Solid Waste Management, Registers 5,000 Web Site Visits

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Shakopee Minnesota, October 11, 1996 --Recycling Insights™ starts a new Discussion Group / Forum devoted to Solid Waste Management, Planning, and associated statistics. The discussion areas include: Source (Waste) Reduction, Source Separation (Recycling), Incineration (Refuse-Derived-Fuel: RDF, mass-burn, and modular combustion), composting (back-yard, large-scale yard waste, and municipal), transfer stations, railhaul and landfills.

The discussion group, "Recycling Insights™ Forum" uses a dynamic message board where information can be shared, ideas can be developed and contacts can be made. The message board is where users can post questions, request responses and leave messages to previous postings. Respond to a posting, you may reply directly to the author of the posting via email and/or issue a follow-up post to the forum. A unique feature of Recycling Insights™ Forum is the multithreading follow-up options when you post a message which can lead to indepth discussions that are easy to follow and to follow-up on..

Recycling Insights™ Forum is another FREE service of Recycling Insights™, the joint venture of CPM, Inc. of Shakopee and TechniSoft Corporation of Milwaukee.

On other news, the Recycling Insights™ web site, "" registered its 5,000th visitor on October 10th.


You can visit Recycling Insights™ and Recycling Insights™ Forum at "" or the CPM Chat service at IRC.ISD.NET.

The IRC Chat service is scheduled on Thursdays at 9:00 pm CST (0300 GMT) with the focus on recycling and solid waste issues.

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