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Thank you for your order for Recycling Insights™  product(s).

The following information was provided to us by you.  Please review the information for accuracy.

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The request for routing information was  routing.  If you have requested routing instructions, we will e-mail you the instructions so you, name_shipping, can Wire Transfer Funds to us for your International Order. There is a $20.00 USD Wire Transfer Fee which will be added to your order amount. The purchaser may also be charged a Wire Transfer Fee by the originating bank (this charge is the responsibility of the purchaser). Therefore, it should be noted that both the sending and receiving Banks charge a Wire Transfer Fee.   Recycling Insights handles the cost for the Wire Transfer Fee from the Receiving Bank.  However, you need to hand the Wire Transfer Fee from the Sending Bank.  (Example: product = $150 USD + International Shipping/Handling = $25 USD + Wire Transfer Fee = $20 USD  == Total Order Cost of $195 USD + Sending Bank Wire Transfer Fee)

Please note that your invoice and/or total purchase price of Recycling Insights™ Product(s) will also include a flat charge of $15.00 for shipping/handing for U.S./Mexican/Canadian Users.  There is a flat charge of $25.00 USD for shipping/handling for International Users (US Postal - International).  If the purchaser wants to use of DHL, UPS, FedEx, etc., the shipping will by the actual cost of those shippers.  There is also a 6.875% Minnesota Sale Tax for Minnesota Users.

If any of this information is incorrect, please go back to the Shop/Order form and change it. We thank you for choosing Recycling Insights™ for your environmental software needs. We may call or e-mail to confirm you order.



Mark S. Banwart, Principal


P.S. We recommend that you make a print of this page for your records.

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Revised: August 21, 2011.

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