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Northland Initiatives, Inc.

Land Consultants and Developers
Specialists in Planned Unit Developments (PUDs)
with Golf Courses and/or
Environmentally Sensitive Areas

Economically and Environmentally Viable Projects are our Business!

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Integrity of Design and Representation

Tailored Development Approach to Client Needs

Commitment to Excellence

Personalized Service

People Orientated Management, Dedicated to Our Clients

Competitive Prices/Rates

Environmentally Sensitive Land Use Analysis

Private and Public Sector Experience

Facilitate Governmental Approval Processes

Project Planning/Coordination

General Management Services

Provide Incremental Service Levels to fit Clients Needs

Financing Support/Guidance/Assistance

Full Service Capabilities (from concept to sales)

A Tradition of Integrity, Honesty and Service

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Northland Initiatives, Inc.
Shakopee, MN 55379-3410 USA

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